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About me


Since 1999:  Senior accredited Shiatsu therapist , Private Practice​

• Provide accurate diagnosis and treatment using a combination of different Shiatsu methods in order to achieve the best results.​

• Specialize in Shiatsu for pregnant woman (all through pregnancy), plus inducing birth techniques.​

• Support woman through labor and birth with combined acupuncture and Shiatsu.​

Since 2000:  Acupuncturist, Stems&Branches method, Private practice​


• Use conversation as an integral part of the meeting. Based on Huang Di Ling Shu chapter 8 and the 5 elements theory – Would regard the patient-therapist dialogue as a full diagnostic-therapeutic tool.​

• Specialize mainly in the fields of neurology (paralysis), mental conditions and gynecology (esp. fertility conditions, IVF support, high risk pregnancies, pregnancy and birth), along with many other pathologies 

• Specialize in acupuncture for children – Stems&Branches method.​

2009, 2010:​ Academy teacher of Ancient Chinese medicine (at the Rehovot faculty of the Hebrew university, Israel).


2013: Cranio Sacral course with instructor Michael Aaron

2008 – 2009:  Ancient Chinese medicine pediatrics – Post graduate course, Ella center of Ancient Chinese medicine advanced studies, Tel-Aviv, Israel.​
2009:  Anatomy in vivo – academic course – Faculty of agriculture, Rehovot, Israel (Hebrew university)​
2004-2005:  CCTM – Post graduate course – Teacher: Peter C. Van Kervel, ICA (international colleges of Acupuncture).​
2003-2004: Nei Chia – Post graduate course – Teacher: Peter C. Van Kervel, ICA (international colleges of Acupuncture).​
1997-2001: Chinese medicine – TCM and Chinese herbal medicine – Medicine College for TCM, Israel.​
1997-2000: Shiatsu – Medicine College for TCM, Israel.​
1996-1997: Biology and western medicine studies – University of Tel-Aviv, Israel.​
1995-1996: Western medicine – University of Genoa, Italy.

General information: Was born 02.05.1974 in Israel. Happily going through life a proud mother of twins (boy & girl who were born in July 2010).​
Australian citizen

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