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The "10 celestial stems and the 12 terrestrial branches" method. 

The ancient Chinese medicine and the philosophy on which it's based on has always seen the man as a microcosm of the universe; as part of the cycle of nature and the planets.
The universe, according to this view, is actually a one complete and un-separable cosmic entity, where all its parts has a role.  (parts = creatures, plants, forms and structures and all the other forces which are considered to be spiritual and etheric)
a harmonious structure is created out of all those parts of the universe - synchronized and wonderfully ingenious.
The body&soul of the human being   are a part and a reflection of this structure and as such, are subject to the forces and laws of the universe.
Once a person "disobeys" the laws of nature and excludes himself from the framework of the universe - there's a disease (a pathological situation which reflects lack of balance and harmony).

The nature of the disease is determined by the specific imbalance this person presents (and so we very often hear phrases such as: "This is giving me a headache" or "This woman keeps it all inside")​
The" stems & Branches" method actually thrives to locate and understand the patient's part in the universe. the observation is made by using the elements of nature as its guidelines.  By doing so, being able to determine the specific imbalance which has led to the disease.​

Every part and organ of the human body&soul has an energetic  function (just like the universe). Although located much further back in time, the ancient Chinese medicine was able to observe and distinguish this pattern of behavior (even if they haven't yet marked it as atoms or Red blood cells).​
The foundations of the "Stems & Branches" methods were written some 6000 years ago (!!) in some very early writings of medical philosophy, but the book that brought about the acupuncture was called the "Yellow Emperor" and was dated approx. 2500 years back.​
These writings provide the therapists with a most accurate and extremely sophisticated tool which can help them solve the vast majority of pathologies and surprisingly so - also pathologies which back then were not yet introduced to the world.​
From the moment the "Stems & Branches" method was integrated into my clinic - I've seen some remarkable results - the path to getting better/ the re-gaining of balance/ the awareness which arises along the way - all those often strikes me as a miracle or magic. The patient who walked this journey to health would often call it magic as well... but I am no magician!! it's the universe and with its endless wonders and its eternal  "ambition" toward equilibrium.

I regard the "Stems & Branches" method as the ultimate tool to re-achieving this fine balance on which we're all suppose to sustain our everyday, hour, minute and second of our modern lives.


I am a Senior accredited Shiatsu therapist and has been practicing Shiatsu for the past  11 years.
What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing art, which is based on the Chinese meridians anatomy
(meridians = energy channels).
the meaning of the word "Shiatsu" is "finger pressure" and indeed, this method works through applying pressure of various kinds and volumes along the meridians of the body, by using the fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. (treatment is applied when patient is fully clothed).
Shiatsu is a very effective method to many kinds of illnesses: musculus-skeletal problems and pains, headaches, respiratory congestion up to anxiety attacks, depression, coronary heart disease and the list goes on.
When giving pregnancy support I find the Shiatsu as a wonderful tool to ab-lift the heaviness and to supply with a blessed relief from the small pains and discomforts which tag along almost every pregnancy.

It would also prepare the body and muscles to the up coming birth and give the woman a chance to really

connect with the growing life inside of her (as those little ones tend to become active participants during the treatments - I've had many "Shiatsu babies" that practically recognized the clinic after coming out to the world and visiting me again).​
Birth induction - When a woman is overdue - I combine Shiatsu and acupuncture and usually then - the little one would listen and agree to start the journey out.​
What I love about this therapeutic art, is the highly intense and unique "give & take" equilibrium, which is formed throughout the treatment between the patient and the therapist and between the  heaven and the earth until at times  they virtually become inseparable - so then profound relaxation prevails and the healing process is achieved.​
As an acupuncturist, Shiatsu is my winning addition for a complete treatment and I enjoy applying it several times throughout the process of therapy in order to deepen the connection between me and the patient, between the patient and his body & soul and to echo with the general concept of the acupuncture treatment. By doing so - I am actually strengthening the effect and getting results.

  • Fertility for men and women

  • Support through IVF process

  • Going together through all phases of
       pregnancy,with the help of acupuncture,  
       Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, guidance and

  • Inducing birth Technique once needed.

  • Helping to recuperate after the delivery.

Path of pregnancy

acupuncture for kids
Acupuncture for kids​
  • Acupuncture can be applied from the moment of birth. usually there will be no need until the age of 3 months... but its efficiency in helping so many pediatric pathologies, can come in handy at all times.​

  •  A short and painless treatment and the children are very happy to come back and re-visit.

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