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If you haven't got the answer yet or have some additional questions - please feel free to contact me :)

I am afraid of needles. Does it hurt?

The needles we are familiar with are syringe needles. The thinnest of which is 0.33mm  in diameter.This causes pricking the skin and pain. The acupuncture needles which I use are 0.16mm in diameter and are subtle and flexible like the hair from a cat's mustache. Therefore, in most of the acupuncture point locations in the body, there would be no pain at all. What you will feel however is the sensation  that the needle has "caught on" to something like a current within your body, which means it has reached the point and is now activated. This could be a bit surprising since we are not that accustomed to feeling electricity within our body (and I think it's kind of good to get to know our inner currants).

While our every day's syringe is used to inject medicine and fluid substances into the body or have fluids driven out of it (and is therefore hollow) - the acupuncture needle acts as an extension  from the outer body to the point location along the meridians laid throughout the body, so I regard it more like the volume control switch in your receiver or the handle of your bathroom faucet (and therefore it is whole)- the needle allows me, as a therapist, to activate the Acupoint, so the sensation is much more the one of the activation rather than of pain.

In any case, we are going through this together, breathing in and out and relaxing into it to a point where all the needles are in and 21 minutes of sheer pleasure are yet to come.

If I still haven't convinced you that there is actually nothing to be afraid of, let me comfort you with this: the Stems and Branches method does not require many needles to do the trick, since it's a very focused and accurate method and therefore, a session can include only 5 or 3 or even 1 (!!!) needle.... so it's not that bad, is it?



What does acupuncture treat?


Acupuncture can actually treat every disease which does not include fracture or tear which would require the help of the western medicine. In "big league" pathologies, such as Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, Psychotic conditions, stroke, cardiovascular failures - Acupuncture can act as a strong beneficial companion to the medical procedure.As a soul therapeutic and a very beneficial tool, acupuncture can actually assist and cure  every system in our body. Since acupuncture is a holistic medicine and therefore regards the body as a whole, it would be rather unfitting to name the different known pathologies and by doing that, dividing the body forgetting the system that it is ( For example: an Asthma is a disease located in the Bronchi within the lungs and would therefore be regarded as a respiratory system disease, but acupuncture can regard it as a liver pathology or even one of the pancreas). Having said all that,  I will now name some examples of some known pathologies, so if you are suffering from one of the pathologies mentioned below - you will know that acupuncture can assist you and profoundly improve your quality of life:

- Tension headaches,migraines;

- Digestive system disease: IBS, Krohn, reflux and more;

- Respiratory tract diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and common colds and flu to oesophagitis and emphizema; 

- Musculus-skeletal ​issues: arthritis, CTS ,herniated disk and more;

- Sensorial problems  ; mental problems such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, tension and more;

- Fertility problems for man and women; hormonal  disorders: hippo/hyperthyroidism, menstrual  pains, disorders, menopause, early or late development and more; 

- So much more to that list - call me if you are unsure weather acupuncture can help your diagnosed condition.

* Bare in mind, Acupuncture was actually created to maintain health and so, it's a great tool not only for "things that went wrong" , but also to perfect and enhance the general well-being of you and your family.


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