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"I had the great pleasure of being one of Irit  Moriah’s patient in Israel during

one of the most important moment of my life and her professional and human support has being to me so determinant for the successful ending of my experience
I addressed to her during the very beginning of my second unexpected pregnancy at 42 years old; after few traumatic experiences that I had in the past years and because of my age, I was completely hopeless I could bring this pregnancy successfully until the very end.
First of all I appreciated very much her professional and analytical approach to get a complete overview of the whole situation, to check all the medical exams and to make the patient feel part of the treatment and share all the details of her methodology.
Actually the  reason why I addressed to Irit was because of an initial problem of high blood pressure and I wanted to face it in the most natural way without any pills that could eventually cause a danger to my baby. Since the beginning Irit understood this problem was not due to the pregnancy, but mostly it was linked to my emotional  status and the way I was facing such unexpected event  with a huge fear something wrong was about to happen. She was perfectly right as the high blood pressure soon disappear and returned perfectly normally.
As a matter of fact the pregnancy proceeded in the best way, I had only few disturbs of allergy
(Of which I am used to suffer) and her treatments were also very helpful for that.
She went along with me and my baby since the very first months until almost the end and during the way it was amazing when she was assuring me about the status of my little child and how much he needed her Mom to be strong, lovely and present for him.
Irit’s  methodology is so unique and special, combined with her human approach has represented for me the best choice to go along during such a unique experience  that a new baby born represents in woman’s life,
I will always hold her in my highest esteem, I sincerely recommend Irit as she can be the ideal professional support to whom is looking for an additional or alternative support to the conventional medicine.
Of course I warmly recommend her to pregnant women to enjoy her special treatment in such an amazing period of life when a new life is growing inside you..
In occasion of the opening of her new clinic, I wish her all the success she deserves!"

Sheila Campagnano, Italy

"I found her acupuncture treatment on the internet after our 4th IVF treatment turned out to be unsuccessful.
When we started treatment, I was 31 and my husband was 32.
We decided to go for IVF because we found out my left fallopian tube is blocked and also my AMH is very low.
The doctor was pretty optimistic, told us many couple get pregnant within 3 IVF.
On our first try, they took 7 eggs, and 5 of them fertilised well which was great but embryo did not stay in my womb.
They put embryo back in again one at the time for next 3 times but none of them were successful.
Every time when they called and told us that I did not get pregnant, it just broke our heart. They weren't sure why embryos were not bed.  
I wanted to do something to make better environment in my womb before our 5th try. 
On our first appointment, she welcomed me with a big smile. 
She asked me questions about me, my husband, family, personal life and so on.
Actually it was nice to have someone to talk to and express all the feelings about fertility treatment.
Her method was not exactly what I expected.
She checked my pulse and listened to what is happening in my body, then treated me with acupuncture based on the information she got from reading the pulse. 
I have never seen anything like her treatment before!
But I did not care. I was willing to try anything could work.  I was desperate.
Turns out, she is our saver.
She told me that I have inner coldness and also there is inflammation where my left fallopian tube is blocked which could be the reason why embryos could not stay in.
We had only limited time until our next IVF, so we had quite intense session in a short time.
To be honest, I wasn't sure if the treatment was working because it is not something you could see or feel it. It happens inside your body. You just have to trust her.
And I am so glad that I did.
I got pregnant with our next IVF!!! You could not believe how happy we were when the nurse told us that the result came back as positive.
Etka was so happy when I told her.
She made sure everything was going well during my pregnancy with acupuncture and shiatsu massage.
Not only she helped me with these treatments, she also comforted me as a counsellor.
She helped me so much going through tough time. I also had so much fun every session. 
She genuinely wants to help woman who want to have a baby. That's what she has been doing back home.
So if you have tried everything else but nothing has worked, I would strongly recommend to make first appointment with her.
Because that’s what I did and now we are expecting a baby in November!
Thank you so much Etka, from bottom of my heart.
Yuka Australia" 
To whom it may concern, 
Since early 2012, I suffered from back pain. Since then, I saw many medical practitioners but unfortunately none of them could help me. However, since November 2012, I started to see, Irit Moriah for my back pain. Since then, I saw Irit for few treatments. Today, after her very professional treatment, I can certainly say that the pain in my back has almost disappeared. To this, I am very grateful to Irit, It is said: ' if there is no darkness, you can’t appreciate light' Throughout my entire interaction with Irit Moriah, I was much impressed to notice the sense of care and concern she showed towards my problem. She also seems to exhibit a good level of knowledge in the treatment of acupuncture. I also found Irit to be a courteous, helpful and very patient and understanding person.
 I can be reached at my email at: 
Thank you Yours sincerely
A.R Perth WA, Australia

"The first time I heard about Irit and about Acupuncture, was actually during my travels in India, where I met a new friend. We immediately clicked and then she told me (almost everyday :) ) about this amazing therapist who gave her back her life, who has made her get out of her house again, after years of severe migraines. My new friend insisted that I'd go to her the minute I got back... It took me several months and a lot of on going illnesses 'till I finally picked up the phone and called Irit. Today I am laughing at my self for not having done that much earlier.

Now it is 6 years after this phone call and I need to say goodbye to Irit (who is leaving to Australia) . It is without a doubt one of the most difficult moments for me. I fell in love with Irit the minute I entered her clinic in Tel-Aviv. 

It is impossible not to see the great person with the great soul that she is and an excellent therapist - attentive, never judgmental, always there to support, to lend a hand, to hug (there is nothing like your hugs in the whole world!) and of course to do her magical acupuncture.

Being an Acupuncture patient  at Irit's is really an uplifting experience: She has a thorough understanding of the human body and soul and the treatment is always  given accordingly.

Since our first meeting she went through many of my life's experiences with me, where her Acupuncture treatments helped me and as if gave me the wind in my back to change physical and mental things in my life: To strengthen my immune system on one hand and to learn how to relax and reduce my anger levels on the other.

Today I am pregnant with my second child and also in this case (maybe especially in this case) Irit helped me with the whole process of getting pregnant, with the first difficult weeks where I also suffered from an enlarged ovary which caused me severe pains and where the doctors said there is nothing to do except to wait - In one treatment Irit made the pains disappear and gave me back the ability to function normally.

Through Irit's inspiration I myself have started studying Chinese medicine and today I am at my 3rd year as a Chinese medicine student.

After seeing a lot of other therapists and treatments in my clinical observations, I can definitely say that Irit has a unique and special method of treatment which I haven't seen with any other therapist.

I warmly recommend every person with any particular problem to go and receive treatment from Irit."

Jasmine, Israel 

My 10 year old daughter had been struggling for quite some years with a few different issues. I had tried a number of different avenues, desperately trying to help her. Then I found Etka
Over the course of a couple of months the change in my daughter has been nothing less than a miracle. Etka’s knowledge, kindness, compassion and genuine caring nature has been life changing, not only for my daughter, but for our family.
My child was so comfortable with Etka that she was able to feel safe enough to speak on any issue.
As a parent it’s heartbreaking to see your child struggle, so Etka I cannot thank you enough for the work that you have done and would highly recommend your services to anyone!
Perth Western Australia

​"I was treated by Irit Moriah Alfasi for 2 years. I was referred to her by my brother, who has been her patient for many years. If she wasn't leaving for Australia, I would continue my periodical visits to her clinic indefinitely, if I could.

Irit treated me effectively for a chronic and difficult gastro condition. A condition which the best of doctors couldn't help me with. She helped me get back on my feet when I was physically run down and weak.

She is highly knowledgeable and professional and has a unique ability to combine this professionalism with personal empathy. I felt, always, in the best of hands with her.
As I mentioned above, besides professionalism, I got with Irit the extra bonus of a warm personality and wonderful personal communication."


Respectfully yours,

Dina Isaak, Tel-Aviv, Israel

"I've arrived at Etka's clinic several months after my drug rehabilitation. I was clean but still suffering from the rehab's side effects - chronic state of being un-settled and nervous, upset stomach, congested lungs, feeling of suffocation and a significant difficulty in falling asleep.
On the night after the first treatment,  I fell asleep at a reasonable time and slept a full night sleep. It had made me very happy and aroused hope and faith.
In the next two and a half years, I kept coming to sessions and we endorsed a general recovery program, which included acupuncture, Shiatsu and other methods of treatments, alongside conversations.
These treatments have significantly improved my physical state and have brought my mental pattern of thinking onto a deep change, true and positive in regards to my life, my thoughts and my nutrition.
Today I am experiencing  a wonderful existence - one which I dared not have a few years back.
I can confidently say that the treatment which I received from Mrs. Moriah has strengthened me to a great extent and had opened many blocked channels throughout my body and in my life and that in addition to my health, that has improved at all the levels - something from the encounter with Mrs. Moriah stayed with me, even two years after our treatment sessions had came to term."

Guy Messika, Actor. Tel-Aviv, Israel

"Dear irit,
I believe that you are the only person that had so much influence on my health- physical and mental, besides my partner in life.
I asked for your help when I started my pregnancy with my second daughter and since I was at risk due to pre-eclampsia I had in the previous pregnancy, I needed someone to treat me and guide me through this phase.
I had problems of thrombophilia and risk of high blood pressure and you  treated all those with care and full success. Due to your guidance and treatment I had a great and easy pregnancy and your special guidance before I gave birth enabled me and my partner to have a great experience.
For the next two years you treated me and my family with other problems- of stress, sleeping problems and even sinusitis. all with high success.
I highly appreciate your patience, understanding, wide and integrative knowledge, and especially your special way of really listening to you.

thank you from deep in my heart,"
Monica adler

  I found Etka on the internet following the suggestion by my lactation consultant to see acupuncture treatment to improve my milk supply and I feel very blessed to have found her. Etka's precise diagnosis of the possible underlying health issues - identified that I was anaemic from just taking my pulse - and subsequent treatment have allowed me to continue to breastfeed exclusively my baby boy. Etka's previous experience as a doula made me very comfortable to bring along my baby when I went for my treatment (which otherwise would not be possible as my husband is mostly busy during the day). Etka is very caring and has provided me many helpful advises in coping with difficult life with a newborn. Thank you so much Etka. I highly recommend Etka for both moms and babies.
Kind regards,
Perth, Western Australia

I was a patient/client of Irit since 2001.
Irit was my guardian angel and my personal doctor…she went with me through a long road of many physical problems and she always found the right treatment for me.
A treatment with her was my special time, when she put all the focus and attention , love and energy on helping me and I couldn’t do it without her support.
Going through pregnancy, birth and many other cases with her was the best I could have asked for!
The only reason I stopped being her patient was that she moved so far away from me…
The most amazing and caring person I had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life!

Nirit Yogev, Amsterdam

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